I am an HVAC Contractor and was hoping to be able to get this reporting tool to create some reports that I can't create in Sage 100 Contractor. 

I am looking to create a report that will list budget labor hours versus actual labor hours by cost code and by job.

Does anyone know if this software can do this?

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Hi Kenneth.

Sage Intelligence can access any data from your Sage 100 Contractor database. Because it is a FoxPro database, there are some limitations to how the data can be manipulated. But this shouldn't prevent you from getting the necessary data into Excel.

With regards to report creation, you may want to get hold of one of our report writers:


Or you could engage with our SIRWA (Sage Intelligence Report Writers Association) group here:


We have also recently create a Sage 100 Contractor category on the forum which you can access here:


Kenneth - 

I recommend taking a look at the default job reports to see if any of them are close to what you want. If so, it will be easier to make a copy of those reports and modify versus starting from scratch. 

Job Billing Summary: 6-1-4-51

Job Status Report: 6-1-1-31

Job Cost Summary: 6-1-4-21

Committed Costs ~With Cost to complete: 6-1-12-61

All of these report were created as defaults reports in Sage Intelligence. You can also reach out to your partner for help modifying the reports or to see if he/she already have some. 

Thank you, 

Angela Bloomer

Sr. Product Manager



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